CIP - Safety Training, Risk Mitigation and Preventative Maintenance for the Oil and Gas Industry

CIP offers highly qualified individuals, contracted to our clients and selected specifically for each project need and requirements.  Personnel selected for these venues offer a superior level of dedication and expertise not easily found within their internal operations.  Advantages of using the CIP Safety Division include:

  • increased project cost savings
  • traceable and provable accountability & efficiencies
  • reduced insurance and liability requirements
  • professional delivery of programs suited to operational and compliance needs
  • complete statistical & functional project analysis and improvement delivery

We are here to find the right people suited to meet your project demands.  The CIP Safety Division has the capabilities to work in all of the following areas:

  • Upstream Oil & Gas Exploration and Development, Drilling, Completions and Production venues
  • Downstream Oil & Gas Development venues
  • Oil Sands Development and Heavy Oil Operations
  • Production Facilities and Refinery Maintenance
  • Civil & Government Construction Projects
  • Resource Mining Operations
  • Renewable Resources Industries
  • Seismic Operations
  • Pipeline Projects
  • Site Project Security needs
  • Emergency Response / Project Safety Equipment Lease and Rentals

Supervisor Qualifications, Experience and Accreditations

CIP can provide all levels of safety personnel, and has strict guidelines for the selection and placement of the right people to the suited position.  Using our extensive CIP Subcontractor Management Program, we evaluate skill sets and compliance requirements for each project and select only qualified and certified competent leaders.


On all projects, individual experience and industry recognized competency certifications is what CIP sets as standards to ensure compliance with client needs.  Such certifications include:

  • CRSP Canadian Registered Safety Professional
  • OHS Certificate / Diploma from a recognized education institution
  • NEBOSH / IOSH International Certificate
  • National Construction Safety Officer

Using CIP's Safety Division, in conjunction with its' other emergency services, we will deliver quality assurance and compliance management to all projects.

Value added services

  • Professional safety personnel able to deliver a reliable site safety program to ensure a safe workplace via supervision or coaching

  • CIP's Safety Division is managed by individuals with many years of industrial and remote jobsite experience, who can bring the skills and experiences needed to guide our clients and work with them to create a customized program that meets their needs and follows all regulatory requirements

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