Vision and Mission of the Canadian Industrial Paramedics

Our vision

International SOS and Canadian Industrial Paramedics shall be the standard of excellence in industrial emergency care led by an expert team of professionals dedicated to outstanding client-centred service.

Our mission

International SOS and Canadian Industrial Paramedics will provide the highest quality emergency care available in all fields of industrial work.

This will be accomplished by providing staff with the highest quality equipment and education available enabling them to handle any emergency medical situation that may arise.

Additionally, we shall take an active role in health, safety, and emergency services research as it relates to industrial needs in order to enhance and foster our standards of excellence in relation to human resources, training, equipment, and service provision.

Our values

Passion - We work with passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and teamwork to serve our clients and people.

Expertise - We are committed to apply our professional expertise to deliver great quality services to our clients.

Respect - We treat all our stakeholders with respect and integrity in order to earn their trust.

Care - We care about the interest of our clients, members, and employees and aim to make a real difference to their lives. 

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