Aboriginal Partnerships

Canadian Industrial Paramedics is very aware of the cultural diversity within our borders and the sensitivity of communities living within them. We look for opportunities to develop new relationships with local Aboriginal communities in all areas we serve. We have formed partnerships throughout Alberta and British Columbia and have already provided learning and employment opportunities for local Aboriginals.

Our company is an industry leader in providing mutual aid services to neighbouring communities in which we work in. We have agreed to provide advanced emergency medical services to Aboriginal communities in the event they are required.  From a motor vehicle collision on an isolated road or an Aboriginal elder experiencing a medical emergency, it is a priority for Canadian Industrial Paramedics to “assist our neighbours” whenever possible.

Our Aboriginal Policy:

Canadian Industrial Paramedics will be aware of all Aboriginal communities in the areas of which we work. Through joint partnerships, we will foster new relationships and nurture current ones. With a goal of enhancing Aboriginal opportunities and improving the communities’ well-being, we will remain an industry leader in “Positive Partnerships.”


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